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Beats By Cypher
Beat Making Company

Beats by cypher is a company dealing in both audio and visual, This company is owned by emlece cypher who acts as the official music producer, director / chairman of the company beats by cypher ©

Emlece Cypher owner of delta 500 records ( cypher beats )
Emlece Cypher

GOAL : Beats by cypher wants to archive a success of leader ship in beat creation and visuals, as beasts by cypher is also ready to sign down under any management or partner with any serious company / person / group

One of our visions is beats by cypher as a individual company is planning to open up a charity home to help those in need, to help talented musicians gro there talent. So this information goes to anyone out there who is willing to Donate for the sake of the need to change peoples lives for the better of the entertainment industry and the future.





+256 Bugema, Rehema Hospital, Busano Road                         

Working Hours

9:00 am - 11:00 pm

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