Beats by cypher site provides the option of selling of beats / instrumentals online cheaply at an affordable price
beats are sold through website or mailing or WhatsApp
the client will receive the beat either in .wav file or the project file as agreed with the company
beats on this site are always available for download since they have a tag , but incase someone wants to use the beats for commercials then you will have to purchase it and it will be given to you without the producer’s or the company’s tags
this site provides both pirated beats and original beats.
Pirated beats are stated as cover song instrumentals hence they are always free and we have no right among them while original beats are stated as original and are given names for identification hence are sold and copyrighted by beats by cypher / delta 500 records
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Audio Recording

Audio recording is our major factor since we are beat makers / sound mastering engneers and many more
beats by cypher provides the option of beat making and voice recording
all this sension costs 380,000 ugx
after recording and completing the whole song
beats by cypher provides the below options

1. promotion
2. lyrics video
3. social media distribution
4. artwork

For more information you can contact us


We also provide the option of sound mastering eg.

1. vocal mastering e.g
    pitch correction, compression e.t.c @100,000ugx

2. beat mastering e.g
    mixing and balacing instruments  e.t.c @ 200,000ugx

3. song mastering e.g
    mixing and balancing vocals  e.t.c @ 300,000ugx

For more information you can contact us

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