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Cyy Bot V.3.0

About BOT


Spotify bot designed to generate authentic streams from genuine accounts, ensuring undetectable operation and generating valid revenue streams.

Product Details

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Title: CyyBot 3.0: The Ultimate Spotify Automation Tool for Undetectable Streaming and Revenue Generation

Are you looking for a powerful and user-friendly Spotify automation tool? Look no further than CyyBot 3.0, the advanced Spotify bot designed to generate authentic streams from genuine accounts, ensuring undetectable operation and generating valid revenue streams. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features of CyyBot 3.0 and provide step-by-step instructions on how to effectively utilize its capabilities to maximize your Spotify presence.

Installation and Setup:
Getting started with CyyBot 3.0 is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly installation package. Upon installation, you will find convenient shortcuts on your desktop for “Close all chrome,” “CyyBot,” and “Proxy Checker.” To ensure secure access and prevent unauthorized usage, the bot utilizes a serial-based mechanism, providing you with peace of mind.

User Interface and Key Features:
CyyBot 3.0 boasts a streamlined interface with four essential function buttons: Start Bot, Stop Bot, Users, and Check Proxies. The Users button opens a window with three main tabs:

Proxy, Accounts, and Used Proxies.

In the Proxy tab, you can add your proxies to ensure secure and anonymous operation. The Accounts tab is where you input your Spotify user accounts, which will be used for streaming. CyyBot 3.0 is capable of opening instances based on the number of user accounts added, allowing you to deploy up to an impressive 1 million accounts, depending on your computer’s processing power. The Used Proxies tab displays the proxies that have been utilized by the Chrome instances.

Deploying CyyBot 3.0:
After entering the necessary details in the Users window, simply click the Start button to deploy the bot. A window will appear with two options: Enter Spotify Song URL and Collections Button. Paste the URL of the specific song you want to stream or automatically navigate to your liked songs collection for streaming. You can also fix your custom playlist URL for targeted streaming.

Advanced Automation Capabilities:
CyyBot 3.0 takes automation to the next level. Once deployed, it navigates to and employs an auto-login mechanism to access your accounts seamlessly. The bot then navigates to the specified playlist or collections list, initiates playback, and ensures the repeat button is activated using artificial intelligence. In case of any errors or proxy issues, you can close the affected instance, and the bot will intelligently select a new proxy from the Proxy tab and resume the automation process without interruption.

Stopping the Bot and Proxy Management:
To halt the streaming process, simply press the Stop button. CyyBot 3.0 will close all active Chrome instances and terminate itself. The bot also includes a Check Proxy button, allowing you to verify the functionality of your proxies. It intelligently removes non-functioning proxies, ensuring optimal performance and organization throughout the automation process.

Pricing and Availability:
CyyBot 3.0 is available for purchase on with flexible subscription-based pricing. Choose from a 3-month serial for $300, a 12-month serial for $2,200, or opt for a lifetime serial at $5,000. With these options, you can select the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

CyyBot 3.0 is the ultimate Spotify automation tool, offering advanced features, undetectable operation, and the ability to generate authentic revenue streams. Its user-friendly interface, scalability, and intelligent proxy management make it the go-to choice for optimizing your Spotify presence. Whether you’re an artist, label, or music enthusiast, CyyBot 3.0 empowers you to take control of your Spotify streams and maximize your potential. Visit today to acquire your serial and unlock the full potential of CyyBot 3.0!

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